Recent activities and Projects in the UK..  

  • presentation to the CDI/iCeGS National Careers Leaders Conference ‘The Gatsby Revolution: maintaining the momentum beyond 2020’

  • presentation on the future of careers education at Complete Careers online conference 

    three half-day online CPD sessions for careers leaders on the Isle of Wight

  • two virtual ‘book club’ CPD sessions on The Careers Leader Handbook, for Cumbria Careers Hub careers leaders and enterprise advisers

  • half-day workshop for the Norfolk Careers & Work-Related Learning Network on reviewing progress with implementing the Careers Strategy and planning next steps

    talk for Canterbury Christ Church University’s Network4Careers on the future of careers education

    International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS), University of Derby, Annual Lecture 2019. ‘Is Gatsby great for careers education? A vision for the future of career learning’.

  • presentation to Teach First careers leader training programme on embedding careers strategies in schools 

    presentation and discussion on the Gatsby benchmarks for a group of careers leaders from schools in West Sussex, hosted by Worth School near Crawley 

    presentation on careers education to Middlesex University’s annual careers teachers conference

  • presentation and workshop on The Careers Leader Handbook at the Northern Ireland Schools & Colleges Careers Association (NISCA) Spring Conference in Cookstown

  • keynote presentation at launch event for the Isle of Wight Careers Partnership

  • presentations on the Careers Strategy and Careers Leaders for Derbyshire County Council, Anglia Ruskin University, Hertfordshire County Council and Complete Careers 

    consultancy support to The Careers & Enterprise Company to support the planning and design of the national survey of careers leaders in schools 

    one-day workshop on The Careers Leader Handbook for Norfolk County Council 

  • one-day ‘Introduction to Careers Leadership in Schools and Colleges’ courses for the CDI in Hampshire, Sandwell and London 

    workshop on careers leadership in colleges at AoC annual conference 

    two one-day workshops, with Tristram Hooley, on our new book, The Careers Leader Handbook 

    presentation on careers leadership in schools and colleges to Careers England/Westminster Briefing CEG Summit

  • consultancy to The Careers & Enterprise Company to support the quality assurance of careers leader training

    presentation to whole staff of Stowmarket High School, Suffolk, at training day on careers

  • half-day training session for Teach First’s Access and Careers Leads

    one-day consultancy to an FE college in Norfolk 
  • member of panel assessing the quality of bids to The Careers & Enterprise Company to provide Careers Leader Training 
  • presentations and workshops on the Careers Strategy and Careers Leaders for C&K Careers, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Enterprise Adviser Network, North Yorkshire County Council, Prospects (Gloucestershire), Warwickshire County Council 
  • one-day introduction to careers leadership in schools courses for the CDI (in Dorset and Exeter) and COA (in London)
  • presentation on a personal reflection on the Careers Strategy at the Central Careers Hub annual conference in London 

    presentation and workshop on the Careers Strategy and Careers Leaders at the Ideas4Careers fifth annual conference, in Nottingham 

    guest tutor for one day of the new qualification in Education and Business Partnership Working, for Suffolk County Council and Norfolk County Council 

    briefing on the Careers Strategy and Careers Leaders for school and college governors in Essex

    researching and writing paper on careers leadership in colleges, for The Careers & Enterprise Company

  • presentation on the Careers Strategy and careers leadership in schools and colleges for the New Anglia LEP and at the Teesside CEIAG Conference

    researching and writing paper on careers leadership within MATs, for The Careers & Enterprise Company

    presentation and workshop on the new careers strategy and careers leadership, for the North East Careers Leaders Network and for Central Bedfordshire schools and college 
  • presentation on careers work in schools to Essex Enterprise Advisers’ Network

  • tutoring new, four-day professional development programme for careers leaders, for COA

  • writing briefing paper on training for careers leaders, for The Careers & Enterprise Company

  • workshop on careers leadership in schools at CDI Conference 2017

    presentation on careers leaders in schools at Careers England/Westminster Briefing CEG Summit 2017
  • presentation to North Yorkshire Careers Guidance Conference

    consultancy to White Rose Training on project for Central Bedfordshire to research digital resources

    keynote presentation at the launch of the Cornwall Careers Offer and presentation to Cornwall secondary school headteachers 

     presentation to the Institute of Student Employers (formerly AGR)

  • researching case studies of good practice for the first Compass tool summary report (for The Careers & Enterprise Company)
  • presentation to Canterbury Christ Church University’s Network4Careers Essex conference

     one-day courses for new careers leaders, for the CDI and for COA

  • researching further case studies of careers leadership in schools (for The Careers & Enterprise Company)

    leading two, one-day IAG conferences for the Ormiston Academies Trust

    researching employers’ perspectives of engaging with education (with Wendy Hirsh, for The Careers & Enterprise Company)

    presentations to Complete Careers conference in Lincoln, and to Norfolk’s Careers and Work-Related Learning Network

  • presentation to the CDI’s student conference

    half-day training on good practice in CEIAG for Enterprise Coordinators in London

    chairing one-day course on post-16 CEG for Understanding Modern Government

    presentation and workshop for Careers Live conference, Aspire-Igen

  • one day workshop for careers teachers on the Isle of Man
  • researching ten case studies of careers leadership in schools (for the Careers and Enterprise Company)
  • presentation on national developments to Somerset IAG Coordinators conference
  • half-day session, on the policy landscape and national context for careers and employability and on the role of careers leader, for the first module of Teach First’s second phase of the CELP pilot

    half-day training session for Enterprise Advisers in Essex, on understanding CEIAG and how schools work

  • presentations on national developments and careers leadership in schools, to All Together team of careers advisers

  • one-day training course for Jobcentre Plus advisers, on careers work in schools, in six locations in England (for the CDI)

    presentations on the management and leadership of CEIAG in schools for conferences organised by Adviza in Oxfordshire and Swindon

    presentation on careers professional roles at Careers England/Westminster Briefing CEG Summit 2016

    paper on careers leadership in schools, and CPD for careers leaders, for the Careers & Enterprise Company

  • visits to schools to evaluate the Gatsby benchmarks national pilot in the North East (for iCeGS)
  • consultancy to careers consultant Luton BC and half-day training for careers leaders in schools 
    presentations on national developments in CEIAG for Complete Careers, Tees Valley, Bournemouth University, Western Outreach Network, Bristol City Council, Barnsley MBC 
    review visits to all schools and colleges in Thurrock
    one-day training course for Jobcentre Plus work advisers in London, Leeds and Birmingham
  • one-day training course for careers coordinators and careers advisers on the Isle of Man
    one-day course for schools in North Yorkshire on careers leadership (for iCeGS, Derby)
    presentation to Prospects conference on apprenticeships

    presentations on CEIAG for Norfolk Careers & Work-Related Learning Network, Kent County Council, Prospects managers' Conference, Southern Universities Network
  • visits to schools to evaluate North Yorkshire Careers Guidance Project (for iCeGS, Derby)
  • managing the production of a resource pack for teaching digital careers literacy (for iCeGS, Derby)
  • presentation for the Careers & Enterprise Company's training for Enterprise Co-ordinators (for the CDI)
  • presentation on careers leadership at CDI national conference
  • half-day module for Teach First pilot CPD programme for careers and employability leaders
  • consultancy to Thurrock Council to write a CEIAG Entitlement for young people
  • new one-day course for COA on Careers Work in the Sixth Form
  • presentation to CDI Careers Educators' conference
  • consultancy visits to eight schools and colleges in Jersey
  • presentation on workforce development for CEIAG at an Inside Government conference
  • 24-hours conference on CEIAG for schools in the Ormiston Academies Trust
  • presentation on CEIAG to schools in Derbyshire
  • new one-day Introduction to Careers Work in Schools course for CDI
  • presentation to CEIAG 2015 conference in Teesside
  • developing pilot Employability Passport for East Sussex CC
  • training session for HMI in NW Region, Ofsted
  • presentations on CEIAG for Hampshire EBPs, Canterbury Christ Church University Network4Careers, COA Cotswolds Regional Meeting, Barnsley MBC, CDI Student Conference
  • consultancy support to Head of Integrated Learning Services (SEND) at Hertfordshire County Council
  • new half-day course on CEG in Key Stage 3 for COA
  • keynote talk at Careers England/Westminster Briefing CEG Summit
  • presentations on CEIAG for North Yorkshire EBP, C + K Careers, and Prospects (West Yorkshire)
  • keynote talks at three CDI one-day conferences on strengthening careers guidance in schools
  • workshop for L6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development tutors in Connexions Hub services Tyne + Wear
  • presentations on CEIAG for Prospects (Gloucestershire) and University Campus Suffolk
  • twilight training sessions for tutors in a school in Bromley
    review of Careers Jersey's work with schools and colleges
  • presentations on CEIAG to HELOA (North East) conference for careers teachers and Essex conference for schools
  • half-day workshop for Croydon careers teachers
  • tutor for the new Units 21 and 22 of the Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development, for White Rose Training
  • member of Institute for Employment Research (IER) team working on BIS-funded project to understand the links between employers, schools and colleges and the role of the NCS
  • presentations on CEIAG to schools in Mid-Suffolk, to schools in Wakefield, at Teesside annual conference and at Future Pathways conference organised by Ansbury
  • review of CEIAG in each of the four colleges in East Sussex
  • presentation on CEIAG at HELOA national conference and at conference organised by Middlesex University for local schools and careers advisers
  • review of traded careers guidance service in Stockton-on-Tees
  • presentation on CEIAG in relation to developments in 14-19 education to Essex Secondary school headteachers
  • training session for college governors in East Sussex on new requirement for careers guidance

    presentation on new arrangements for CEG to Jewish schools in London

    16th annual national CEG conference

    two-day course for new careers leaders in schools in the East of England

    one day, or half-day, workshops and conference talks on the Ofsted survey of CEG and the implications for schools for Cumbria County Council, One Education (Manchester), Suffolk County Council, The '86 Group (of independent schools) and Wigan Careers Service.

    talk on CEIAG to whole staff at a school in Middlesbrough

    launch of new, six-day Certificate in Leading and Managing Careers Work in Schools, for COA ( )

    one-day introductory course for new heads of careers, for COA

    presentation on CEG in the sixth form, at COA half-day briefings on Centigrade

    INSET day for an academy in Peterborough

    one-day CEIAG conference and resources fair for London and the South East, organised in partnership with Prospects Education Resources, attended by 27 careers leaders from schools

    review of Guernsey Careers Service

    INSET day for a school in Jersey

    consultancy to East Sussex County Council, options appraisal and draft specification for targeted IAG support service

    presentations and workshops at annual CEIAG conferences in the South East, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Teesside

    consultancy to Hertfordshire County Council on Transition Support Worker Pilot, to support leavers from LD schools progressing on to college courses

    presentation to Lincolnshire Guidance Network annual conference on present and possible future models for CEG in schools

    training session for school governors in East Sussex on the new duty to secure independent and impartial careers guidance
  • two-day course for new careers co-ordinators in the East of England
  • presentation to an Institute of Employment Research (IER, Warwick University) seminar on options for the future of careers work in schools
  • options appraisal report for the delivery of IAG support for vulnerable 16 and 17 year-old NEETs in East Sussex
  • presentation and workshop for school senior leaders on RPA and the implications for CEIAG (Salford, Cheshire West & Chester)
  • consultancy to the Chesterfield & Bolsover Learning Community in Derbyshire to help the group of schools prepare for the new arrangements for careers guidance
  • presentation at the launch of a new CEG Network in LB Hounslow
  • training session on CEG for sixth-form tutors in two schools in Jersey
  • presentations at a series of briefing conferences on the new statutory duty for careers guidance in schools for CfBT and for the Institute of Career Guidance (ICG)
  • writing a guide to commissioning careers guidance for schools in East Sussex
  • briefings on the new duty for careers guidance for headteachers, senior leaders and careers co-ordinators (e.g. Cumbria, Manchester, Teesside, Bradford, Wakefield, Black Country, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Portsmouth, Kent)
  • training day for participation consultants in Essex County Council
  • review of CEG in a sixth form college in Norfolk
  • course tutor for two Postgraduate Certificates of Professional Study, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

International work..


  • one-day workshop, with Tristram Hooley, on The Careers Leader Handbook, for the Inland University, Norway

  • presentation on the training of careers leaders in schools to an international symposium in Padua, Italy
  • keynote presentation and closing remarks for British Council School Counsellors' Symposium for MENA region, Dubai
  • British Council-funded consultancy, through Warwick University, to a new University in Islamabad to establish the first course for school careers counsellors in Pakistan
  • part of an EU-funded project to re-write the school curriculum in Kosovo
  • in-service training sessions for careers teachers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda



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