What We Offer?

We provide impartial, independent advice and information with signposting or referral if required to help those, including men, who have personal/family, benefit, health or other difficulties, or may have been victims of abuse, to overcome barriers and inequalities in accessing services.

It has been found that women in Asian and BME groups from our local community are main sufferers of issues such as domestic violence. In particular, women are often unlikely to oppose their abuser and leave home due to 'family honour' and various 'factors of exclusions'. However women have become stronger as the realisation has grown in the local Asian and BME communities that there is appropriate support and advice available and action can be taken to protect them.

We help Asian and BME communities, particularly women and girls in Luton overcome barriers and inequalities by providing culturally and socially accessible activities to relieve financial hardship, sickness, poor health and improve the conditions of life for women & girls.

We provide health, recreational and leisure time facilties in the interests of social welfare for those communities with particular needs by reason of youth, age, infirmity, disablement, gender, ethnicity, poverty, social or economic circumstances. We work towards developing the capacity and skills of women & girls from Asian & BME communities in Luton who are economically and/or socially disadvantaged in such a way that they are better able to identify their own issues & helped their needs and to participate fully in society.
At Shanthona Womens Group we offer a 1st tier community advice, information & support service, delivered by an experienced, qualified IAG advisor to help overcome barriers and inequalities in access to services to deal with personal & family issues. This includes welfare benefits, domestic/family, housing problems, children/family issues, legal matters, wellbeing & health, immigration, social exclusion and financial difficulties.

Networking/awareness raising visits are also provided at local schools and family centres, other women's and community groups and local housing associations with outreach support being provided as required at those venues.

We take referrals from various organisations, including Police and Statutory services - such as health, social services, community and voluntary groups, as well as direct from the community. We take part in partners in advice/information events across Luton & in the town centre.

We provide pre-entry learning activities for Asian & BME women & girls,encouraging users in developing crafts & cultural skills and developing their personal capacity and employabilty skills to improve social and economic wellbeing and work with IAG career advisors to support our users.

In addition to helping adults, we also welcome young adults and youth to come to us if they are facing any difficulties. Will signpost or refer as appropriate in the case of a young person.

Shanthona Womens Group  have relevant policies for Vulnerable Adults as well as Child Protection

Volunteering opportunities with us for users and an active role in their own development and the services to our community.

Shanthona works also to provide community based activities for health & wellbeing and we have  provideded these in Dallow Community Centre, Bury Park Community Centre and Hockwell Ring Community Centre.

We signpost individuals where possible into learning opportunities, both formal and informal.

We do not turn anyone away and will support every individual who comes to us and in order to address the client's needs we will refer them or signpost them to an appropriate organisation.

Contact Us

You can get into contact with us from Monday to Friday 10:00am till 5:00pm by the following:

Please note that we do attend to calls outside these hours in cases of emergency or when an appointment outside these hours has been pre-booked.

Email:shanthonawg@gmail.com for advice, support and organisation enquiries.


We get positive feedback from our service users and from other organizations as well.Their feedback motivates us to continue our service and activities.
Volunteer Opportunities
We are looking for volunteers to work alongside us with knowledge and experience of teaching and working with beginner learners.
Also volunteers with experience in searching for funding and in bids writing.

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