Structure ,Governance and Management

Shanthona Women's Group is a registered charity.The organization was established in 2004 when it was run on a completely voluntary basis.

The charity is wholly UK based with its registered office and projects based in Luton, Bedfordshire.The trustees meet regularly during a year to determine the policyand strategy of the charity.

Shanthona is a voluntary sector project which is managed by a Board of Trustees.Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction, management and resourcing of the organization.The Board of Trustees meets at least 4 times a year to consider and transact business.Trustees identify and undertake regular opportunities to develop skills to enable them to fulfill their roles effectively and each trusee has taken on a key area of responsibility to ensure the Board fulfill its role.


Shanthona continues to be grateful for the support of volunteers who have helped to run the GYC,activities,One-off events,administration and various events.

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