Shree Sanatan Seva Samaj (Universal Service to the Community) was established in 1975 and registered as a Hindu Mandir and a Community Centre serving the local community in and around Luton with over 800 life members registered. It was the first place of worship and a centre for the Hindu community in Bedfordshire. The centre's contribution to the religious welfare and cultural, educational and recreational life of the community has benefited the community in Luton. It is the only Hindu Mandir in Luton practicing Sanatan Dharma and as such we celebrate all the major Hindu festivals throughout the year where a large number of devotees within Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire attend these events. We are also the first Fairtrade Hindu Mandir in the UK to be granted a certificate by the Fairtrade association for using and promotes the use of  fair trade products. 

As a Community centre we provide many activities for young and old alike:

  • Luncheon Club for the elderly.
  • Hindi and Gujarati classes for children from the age of 6 years and upwards till GCSE level.
  • Regular excursions to the centre visited by many main stream schools and colleges to learn about the Hindu religion as part of their religious education.
  • Yoga classes.
  • Health Seminars, where members of the medical profession present various health topics.
  • Over the years we have supported charity relief work through various events organised at our centre towards natural disaster relief fund, e.g. Earthquake, and Tsunami in South East Asia, as well as local organisations such as Pasque Hospice for terminally ill, Dreamflight project for children with life limiting illness and Children in Need.

    We are also an active member of the Luton Council of Faiths and participate in interfaith activities to promote community cohesion, peace, harmony and equal opportunity among all faith groups in and around Luton.


Forthcoming Events:

Bhajan Bhojan

Saturday 8th December
We are sorry to inform all devotees that this programme has been cancelled



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