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  Like a great many Funeral Directors John Saunders & Son was originally a building company.... It is not entirely clear exactly when our founder - The John Saunders immortalised in our name - branched into the Funeral Profession, but we do have in our possession a funeral invoice from 1873, and it seems likely that we have been 'Undertaking' funeral arrangements since well before that date

Our roots lie in the High Town area of Luton and, although we no longer have our stables in Taylor  Street, our office is still situated on the ground floor of the original workshop building where many of the tools and machines remain in situ.


Today, every funeral that we carry out is led and conducted by our proprietor, Mr John Cole ... the Great, Great Nephew of John Saunders.  Mr Cole is assisted in the day to day running of the business by Marie and Shirley who run the office and assist, guide and support bereaved families; Dave & Colin in the workshop and a hand picked team of experienced and professional Bearers.

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