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Our aim is to make arranging the funeral of your loved one as stress free as possible for you, from the first phone call or visit, to the day of the service itself and beyond.

    Day and Night Service

No matter what the time of day or night a member of our own staff is always available to answer the telephone.  If a loved one has passed away at home, and the attending doctor has given permission for them to be moved, we will attend at your convenience in order to bring the deceased into our care with the gentle respect that they deserve.

   No Hidden Charges

Our complete price list is clearly displayed on our premises and copies are available to be taken away or posted out so that clients and potential clients can study and compare them at their own leisure.  We are always happy to provide a telephone estimate, and to break that estimate down into its component parts for total clarity.  Marker Crosses, Coffin Furniture, Chapel of Rest visits and similar are all provided as required at no extra cost. 

   Keeping costs down

These are difficult financial times for Families and we are keenly aware that grieving relatives can be vulnerable when it comes to spending on funeral arrangements.  To that end we are completely committed to a non 'selling' approach when booking and arranging funerals.  We believe that it is the small personal details that matter most and that these can be achieved with time and love rather than extravagant financial expenditure.


   Booking Arrangements to suit you

You are welcome to visit our premises, with or without an appointment in order to obtain an estimate, discuss your requirements or make a Funeral booking.  However if for any reason you would prefer us to visit you in your home then just telephone us and we will arrange for a member of our staff to attend at your convenience.  We are also able to make arrangements using telephone, email and other  communication tools where family members live at a distance and face to face meetings are thus not possible.

   Continuity of Care

The small, close knit, nature of our team means that we can offer Families the re-assurance and comfort of dealing with the same person from their first enquiry through to the last contact. 

   Wide Range of Coffins

Traditional solid wood coffins for burials, quality veneer, Cardboard, Bamboo, Seagrass, Water Hyacinth and English Willow. ... Oval Baskets trimmed with fresh flowers, themes, pictures and colours.  We offer as standard a large variety of the beautiful choices available today and are always happy to assist families with alternatives if requested.




For those who have a religious faith the choice of who will officiate at the funeral is an easy one.  However in these increasingly secular times we never make assumptions about our client's beliefs and always take the time to discuss exactly what kind of service you would like.   This enables us to be sure that the Officiant chosen, whether priest, pastor, minister, humanist or civil celebrant will conduct a service which is a fitting tribute to your loved one.

    Private Chapel of Rest

Our Chapel of Rest is a purpose built room with an adjoining private lounge where you can visit your loved one in complete privacy and comfort.  It is our policy to have only one client receiving visitors at a time, so that families do not feel hurried or intruded upon in their grief.

   Floral Lists and Donations

Whether you decide to welcome all floral tributes to your loved one's Funeral, or to ask for donations in lieu of flowers, we will ensure that you are kept informed of who has paid their respects in this manner.  If you have asked for donations to a charity of your choice then we will send a 'Thank You' to each contributor on your behalf and , one month from the date of the funeral, we will inform you in writing of the total amount collected and sent to your charity and the names of those who donated.  All floral tributes are listed and a written summary of names will be given to you on the day of the Funeral itself.  Both of these services are provided as standard and at no added cost.

   After the Funeral

Although a Funeral is sometimes described as being an event which helps us to achieve 'closure', there are very often details which still need to be resolved and completed after the day itself.  If your loved one has been buried then you may wish to talk to us about a Memorial Headstone or Monument.  If a cremation has taken place then we can help you with the Cremated Remains ...  a beautiful storage container to keep in your home or garden, a burial plot locally or elsewhere, attractive scatter tubes for travel and easy dispersal outside or even memorial fireworks. 


   Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

We are affiliated with Golden Charter -  the leading provider of funeral plans to independent funeral directors in the UK.  A Funeral Plan enables you to plan every detail of your funeral in advance - thus relieving your family of any worries or questions as to what you would want.  It also avoids expenses by paying in advance and offers total security of funds as all payments are placed into a Trust Fund run by an independent board of Trustees.  Even in the unlikely event of the company ceasing to exist, the trust will continue until all payments have been completed.



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